Pop Physique {NYC}

POP PHYSIQUE (thanks for being my guinea pig with me, Katie Wilson‼️)


Class Title? Pop Physique
Location? Nomad – 26th Street between 5th and 6th.
Instructor? Sarah E.
Length? 60 Minutes
Style? We started with warm up, including static stretches. Then the sequence moved through different parts of the body. This class relies a lot on small pulses and barely there movements to get the muscles BURNING 🔥🔥 Arms, quads, glutes, and abs. Pop Physique uses props which I like! For abs, the squishy pink ball pictured (this ball gets the burn going!). It was VERY similar to Pure Barre – almost identical.
Likelihood of Going Back? 50%
Cardio: 5%
Weights: 20% (only used for arms)
Abs: 25%
Resistance Strength: 50% 💪🏻
Music? 7/10
Apple Watch Calories Burned? 300
Average Heart Rate? 111 💗
Most similar to?
Bar Method
Pure Barre
First timers sign-in time? 5 minutes
Towels? Yes
Locker rooms? No – two single bathrooms.
Self-locking lockers? Yes – in the main lobby.
Location + layout? It’s on the right side of the street when coming from the east! The building is currently under construction and we almost missed it, but a girl coming out clued us in! It’s on the second floor so you feel like you’re walking into a construction site – keep going up to the second floor and suddenly, it’s like a chic loft! The door opens straight to the front desk with two classrooms – one to the right and left. We were in the classroom overlooking 26th street. We loved it. Honestly, the biggest difference between this studio and Pure Barre is the decor – more trendy New York loft than ballet studio.

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