About Me

I’m Julia! 26 year old strategic marketer by day, lipstick-lover and fitness junkie by night, living in Chicago, Illinois!

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My 2nd Instagram/blog/fitsagram (you name it!!) started with lipstick… I loved (and still love) sharing my love of lipstick, beauty, and makeup. I really discovered an artistic side of myself when I entered this world! Lipsense is still my go-to for big nights out, and although I don’t wear it daily anymore, I am SOOO grateful that it was my gateway drug to my public diary here on the web and Instagram.


My relationship with fitness has a LONGGGGG past. When I first started sharing my love of makeup, I found myself meeting tons of other women who loved fitness and exercise like I did and I wanted to connect with them here… for a time my handle became “beauty and the beast” to illustrate my love of beautifying and sweating it out!!

But where did MY fitness journey start? Starting with grades school sports, landing me in high school country country (shout out to myself for the “Good Attitude” award aka how-are-you-smiling-you’re-the-slowest-person-on-the-team), leading to my joining the women’s varsity rowing team in college, ending up with me running my first half marathon senior year of college, pushing me to have nearly 100 ClassPass classes under my belt, ignoring the fact that I’ve been a member at countless gyms… the list goes on.

Once I started connecting with others, I found myself drawn to the A Sweat Life community in Chicago IL! I joined as a national ambassador when I lived in Manhattan, and today I am a local ambassador. This has helped me make so many more friends locally in the fitness industry and get access to so so many amazing events and experiences. I highly recommend: https://asweatlife.com/.

Where is my fitness journey today? Still loving ClassPass, Beachbody, and currently very into the idea of strength training to reach fitness goals. I’ve always waffled between an interest in cardio (read: running and rowing) and a desire to be more lean and toned, so currently focusing on lifting (thanks DesB, LIIFT4, and Madeline Moves!!) and anything fun to get to my fitness goals!

I’m trying to find the best fitness studios with the most worthwhile classes – ranging from which class did my average heart rate get the highest to who was the best instructor! I’m no expert but trying to make use of all my analytical prowess #lolz.


Most people close to me know that I have had a long struggle with IBS… mostly because there are still so many foods that I avoid on a daily basis (dairy, onion, garlic…). It has been SO challenging to navigate these waters and STRESS makes it worse (yikes #ugh).

When I moved to Manhattan, my symptoms hit an all time AWFUL and I find reached out for professional help from Kristin Thomas at Thrive by Food. As a functional diagnostic practitioner, she knew more homeopathic solutions that I even knew EXISTED! The program I did called Love Your Gut helped me to KNOW my gut, and even when I fall off the bandwagon, aka eat a ton of sugar which KILLS my gut… I at least know HOW to get back on the horse and how to FEEL good again. Kristin has become a friend of mine and I so enjoy being a part of her health community!